New Track – This Is Not A Drill

@WilcoxRichie helped me out on vocals for this and he named it too which spawned the lyrics. It began with the little piano run you hear at the beginning and grew from there. I was interested in trying some different things out with form and also to try and push the sound design through the piece to have lots of movement and modulation, something that could reveal new layers upon multiple listens.

I think moving forward there’s a few things I’m hoping to develop as a writer and producer. Firstly, I’d like to rely on as much live, non-quantized playing as possible – to capture actual performances. Second, I want to hone my process to explore within two or three┬ámusical ideas in any particular track. To this date, my studio compositions are often quite dense, and I want to free up some space in order to explore more musically, and to reveal more of the performances behind studio compositions.

Listen below and head to the Free Music┬ásection to download. All I ask is your email, and you’ll only ever get Chandelier emails when I’m touring or releasing new music.

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